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Guided Cycling Holidays in Milan

Cycling tours to discover Milan from a different point of view.

Are you a group of friends or colleagues? You can organize a themed ride or a team building activity

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Solutions tailored to your every need.

Skyline Milano


Bike tour of Milan to discover modern architecture.

Milan has always been known as the pulse of the Italian economy, fashion industry, and design. Eclectic, modern and international, the city of Milan is one of the most stimulating places for a tour to discover new trends, architectural innovations, and design.
From the slender shapes of skyscrapers of Porta Nuova Garibaldi, to the wonderful Bosco Verticale, named “the world’s most beautiful skyscraper” up to the modern district of City Life, in just over three hours, you can cycle through the streets and squares that make Milan one of the key destinations for tourism, culture and business in Italy and Europe.

Accompanied by a certified tour guide, you will observe innovative buildings and skyscrapers designed by the most famous architects and designers of the Italian and international scene, without forgetting the twentieth-century structures and the roots of historic Milan.

Our tour will be enriched with a reinvigorating stop in a typical Milan place, where to any participant will be offered the chance to taste either a dessert, some beverage or an aperitif

A special ride looking at the sky!

Points of interest: Porta Nuova, Garibaldi, Brera, Parco Sempione, city life, etc.

Creative Milano


Waiting for 2019: five hundred years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci – the genius of the Italian Renaissance. Bike tour to discover Leonardo da Vinci, who lived in Milan for twenty years.

Together we will retrace the places of Milan that have seen Leonardo as a protagonist with his artistic, engineering and cultural productions.

Accompanied by a certified tour guide, we will admire the extraordinary contribution in of his works, projects and thoughts, fruits of his labor in Milan in two different periods: from 1482 to 1499, at the service of Duke Ludovico Sforza, (called Ludovico il Moro) and from 1506 to 1513, under the protection of the French who had conquered the city.

Our tour will be enriched with a reinvigorating stop in a typical Milan place.

We are waiting for you for an amazing and unforgettable itinerary!

Points of interest: Brera, Piazza Scala, Castello, Ambrosiana, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Navigli

Hidden Milano


Bike tour to discover a different and unexpected Milan.

Milan is known all over the world for the Quadrilateral of Fashion, but the city also hides neighborhoods that are the true Oasis of Silence.

Curiosity is the distinctive element of this tour that will bring you to discover unique and unexpected places.

Accompanied by a certified tour guide, you will cycle on alternative roads, admiring historic buildings and aristocratic villas with surprisingly rich architectures,  styles, and decorations. You will be amazed by singular lobbies and hidden courtyards. You will cross the parks and gardens. You will learn stories of families, sculptors, architects and artists who have made Milan “a great Milan”!

Our tour will be enriched with a reinvigorating stop in a typical Milan place, where to any participant will be offered the chance to taste either a dessert, some beverage or an aperitif

A ride full of charm and beauty is waiting for you!

Points of interest: to be discovered together!


Love and passion for the bicycle world, Spiciula, in Milanese dialect,
Love and interest in art and creativity,
Love and attention for Milan and our territory.

The will to live a “different” tourism, slow, attentive and sustainable.
These are the elements that have led us to create tours to discover Milan from a different perspective.

Moving on a bicycle creates a unique relationship with space and time, allowing you to fully appreciate details, nuances and atmospheres.




Riding a bicycle requires passion and attention!

Our tours try to combine beauty and safety by being designed so that you can reach places of interest by giving priority to cycling routes and low-traffic roads.

You can move through the streets of Milan with efficient and safe city bikes, thanks to the collaboration with AWS, a historic Milanese company with more than 30 years of experience.

You can have the opportunity to see the historical and artistic beauties of the city with new eyes and to stop and admire hidden corners.

Milan, to meet the demands of many tourists who love to visit the cities of the world by bicycle, is gearing up with new tracks and cycle lanes, but it is also made up of rails, paved streets and busy roads.

We are committed to making Milan ever safer and more open to welcoming cyclists.

If you decide to live this experience with us, you will be able to share a new and eco-sustainable way of doing tourism.

We are ready. Are you?
Let’s go!



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